Play Up Policy

In order for players to qualify to play up to a higher age level the following must take place:

  1. Following the evaluation for the higher league, the managers in the higher league will vote to determine if the player should be eligible to play in the higher league.

  2. If players are not determined to be eligible for the higher league, they will be included in the league where they normally would been placed based upon their age.

  3. If certain players are determined to be eligible to play in the higher league based on their level of play, the Board of Directors will then make a determination as to the number of players that may play in the higher league based on the number of teams that are going to be in the league and the number of players on each team. If a player is determined to be eligible to play by the higher league based on the evaluation of the managers, the Board of Directors may still not be able to allow a player to play up due to a restriction in the number of teams and players on each team in the higher league along with the other adjacent leagues above or below the target higher league. This determination cannot be made until registration process is complete to see how many players have signed up in each age bracket for the current season.

For those parents or guardians who were thinking of managing in the regular league for which their child would normally qualify based on their grade, you will not be awarded a team if you elect to pursue the play up option for your child. Managers must be named prior to the tryout date in early March so the managers can evaluate the players. If the parent or guardian of a child were named a league manager of a team at the regular grade level and then their child were to subsequently be allowed to play up to the higher division, there may not be sufficient time to replace the manager due to the timing of the league drafts. You will also not be awarded a team as a manager for the higher league prior to the tryout and draft. Your child will have to be promoted to the next league based on their merits.  A parent or guardian is eligible to coach at the higher division if the Manager selects such person but this will only be allowed following the completion of the draft process