A Ball Cheat Sheet


  •  Coach or machine pitch only.  From the mound, not on a knee.
  • Players receive 3 strikes or five pitches.  Umpires will call pitches strikes. 3 strikes (called or swinging) and you are out.  If you reach the fifth pitch you have to swing (use reason if using the machine and its really bad).
  • We keep score.
  • 5 run maximum per inning.
    • Exception: 
      • you can score as many runs as needed to tie in the top of the last inning if the visiting team and trailing by more than 5.  If trailing by less than 5, you can only score 5. If trailing by only 5 you can tie.
      • If down by more than 5 in the bottom of the last inning you can score as many runs as needed to tie.  If down less than 5, then you will win if you score 5 (or whatever is needed to win).
  • Outs are recorded and inning ends after 3 outs
  • Everyone on the team is placed in to the batting order.  After 3 outs, the next inning picks up wherever you left off (like real baseball).
  • Everyone plays 3 innings in the field. No one plays same position more than 3 innings.
  • No one sits twice before everyone sits once
  • Mercy rule: if one team is ahead by 10 after four innings (3.5 if the leading team is home team).
  • Time limit: no new inning may start after 90 minutes
  • No standings and no playoffs